Welcome to ANALIS 

As a distributor and manufacturer of laboratory instruments on the Benelux market, Analis is primarily oriented towards research activities, medical in vitro diagnostics and quality control. 

We aim to serve these areas by utilising our experience as a well-established and well-known company.


Company Overview


Founded by Jean Haut, Ph.D. in chemistry, in Namur (Belgium) in 1927, 

Analis has accumulated remarkable experience and know-how, which are acknowledged and appreciated by our partners and customers alike.



We want to make the difference with you  


What makes us different?  Our experience, proximity & availability, our facilities and our technical service organization are some of the key points for our uniqueness.




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Our research unit develops electrophoresis and capillary electrophoresis kits for in vitro diagnostic use and for analytical laboratories, which are distributedn throughout the world.

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