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Project Manager ERP

Postion Summary

Plans, monitors and manages internal projects from initiation through completion, according to the departmental business objectives, translating these objectives into concrete deliverables.

Characteristics of these Projects are:
Direction of the scope is identified but not fully defined yet, as is the impact on products and technology.
• In some projects new technology can be introduced. This is for instance the case for large and complex end-of-life replacements or when introducing new technology. This is not always the case, technology can be known and can be market practice (e.g. Oracle).
• Possible impact on legacy systems, processes, organization, operations, incl change mgmt. 
• Typically delivered within 1 project potentially in phases within a max 2 year timeframe.Changes in scope, roadmap, priorities & timing are possible but not frequent.
• Dependencies are usually within the same organization and/or IT related
• Delivers the agreed scope and deliverables
• High stakes for the department, LT level stakeholders.
• Customer impact is often a key characteristic of these initiatives Project scope includes managing the customer impact. Often in partnership with other departments
• Project governance 
• Projects cover CSS, BSS and OSS

The “normal” cross-functional delivery practices used for standard Projects are sufficient. The PM uses formal processes and tools to manage resources, budgets, risks and changes. The PM manages projects to ensure on-time completion according to specifications and within budgeted costs.

Key Roles & Responabilities

• Translate a scope into deliverables, solution and planning
• Managing Project Delivery, steer cross functional teams towards deliverables. Manage dependencies within the Project and with other initiatives.
• Risk Management
• Lead the project team to define different scenarios and solutions, taking into account multiple constraints and opinions/visions.
• Stakeholder management (including change & conflict management, expectation mgmt. & aligment up to LT level)
• Managing the Business case, Budget Management and Resourcing

Business Expertisse

PM must understand the business, industry and corresponding technology. Besides Telecom knowledge, ICT knowledge is required too as lot of projects need IT adaptations or are dealing with deploying of applications. 

Knowledge must make it possible:
• to identify impact and stakeholders in the organisation,
• to lead the teams to define and build optimal solutions taking into account different expectations, 
• to challenge each of the impacted teams, solutions & plans,
• to identify dependencies and conflicts between different projects.
• Experience of the entire project/application lifecycle, especially with regard to delivery, testing, default resolution and recognised development methodologies according to structured project management methodologies
• A good understanding of the company’s organization and corresponding roles is needed as projects have links and stakeholder involvement with finance, purchasing, business, legal, IT,…

Problem Solving

Must guide the teams to build possible options and scenario’s with respect to business case, technical solutions, Project approach etc. in situations with :
• Known technology & business processes
• Solutions must be build on assumptions, which can change.
• Many conflicts of interests
• High time pressure, high expectations to deliver very quickly.

Sparring partner for the key experts/professionals in the team ànd stakeholders.
Particular workstreams in the Project can be managed by an associate PM under the supervision of the Project Manager.

Interactions/Interpersonal Skills

The following interpersonal skills are key at expert/ professional level.
• Stakeholder management and perception management
• Excellent influencing skills & negotiation skills.
• Ability to align cross functional stakeholders
• Abillity to build trust, and an open and transparent working climate
• High “get it done“ & mobilization capabilities

Often the Project manager works in tandem with a business owner, who is responsible to deliver the objective.


Consultant candidates must have experience in IT project management, waterfall & agile delivery method. Combination with IT Infra project experience is a plus (infrastructure, databases, servers). The profile looked for is a medior to senior profile.

• IT Project Manager ERP
• Business minded with strong interest in and understanding of underlying business processes and objectives
• Strong finance background with good experience in end to end process integration in areas such like Supply chain
• Proven track record in leading multi-disciplinary teams
• Hands-on and able to support the functional analysts assigned to the project
• Steering the assigned SI, both from a project delivery and content perspective
• Ability to run projects in parallel
• Work experience in a in large Transformation and Data Management Projects (scope more than ERP)
• Willing to work as a Project Manager in a program set-up as well as in stand alone initiatives
• Must -> background with Oracle ERP or AX ERP