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Software Engineer - Mobile Vikings


The Role

Mosher’s Law of Software Engineering states: “Don’t worry if it doesn’t work right. If everything did, you’d be out of a job.” You truly believe this guy is full of it, because that’s not your standard. You’re only satisfied when a test engineer gives you the immediate thumbs-up. This is precisely how we feel and we’re looking for a skilled code warrior to join our phalanx of Viking Coders! Someone capable of wielding and shaping the code to his/her every desire, driven by a vision of building quality software, together.

Your main responsibilities are

  • To be involved in every step of the process of making great software: from inception, analysis, design, coding (duh), testing, to launch
  • To maintain, expand and improve our applications, ranging from telecom to television
  • To work together in a small, tight-knit team of professionals who share your motivation
  • To work in an agile, autonomous environment, and to be willing to go beyond “traditional” boundaries
  • To clearly, professionally and empathically communicate about your work, and to understand how it fits into the bigger whole
  • To think critically, take responsibility and improve yourself, your whole team (and why not even the whole company?)

You are the one

  • Who has a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in computer science or equivalent qualifications
  • Who’s proficient in at least one programming language (knowledge of Python and/or Django is a big plus)
  • Who’s at ease in complex software environments
  • Who lives and breathes code
  • Who thrives in a vibrant and agile environment
  • Who works independently but thinks a a team
  • Who’s fluent in English
  • Who, after reading all this, says “This is it!”

We’d like to introduce you to... VikingCo

Our aim is to maintain an atypical approach towards both our Vikings and our employees. At the VikingCo headquarter, you'll find an enthusiastic and catching atmosphere of innovation, passion, faith in one's own abilities and positivism. Are you looking for a workplace where you can unfold your talents, interests and experiences? VikingCo is the place to be!