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Data Scientist - CSC


The world of data is presenting enormous challenges - from the amount of data being produced to the way in which it’s structured and used. It also presents incredible opportunities through Big Data & Analytics insights.

CSC provides a foundation of information management and analytic capabilities to deliver insights about the past, present and future to help organizations capitalize on Big Data to improve their operations and compete more effectively through our Impact Solutions. In today’s "data-to-data” world, breakthroughs occur when different types of information intersect: structured and unstructured; internal to an organization or external. We help to leverage internal information assets, augmented by external information sources, to gain competitive advantage.

We help our Customers establishing a data-driven decision making culture and turn their data into a strategic corporate asset.


  • You can demonstrate both statistical modeling experience and technical, engineering skills
  • You are “hands-on” and not just theoretical
  • You are able to deal with very granular data – from a Hadoop data storage platform would be an added value
  • You master data and text mining techniques and algorithms (regression, classification, clustering, forecasting, simulation, association, network and graph. thesaurus, semantic, ontology)
  • You demonstrate the ability to develop actionable analytics solutions that address topics such as churn prevention, multi-channel customer behavior and advertising optimization, defect tracking and predictive maintenance, energy
  • supply and consumption forecast, fraud and money-laundering detection, supply chain optimization and stock forecast
  • You work with your peers to develop, refine our current Big Data & Analytics offering, as well as to define and outline complex technology deployments or independently drive technical complexity into an competitive advantage
  • You are willing to share your knowledge with your peers and bring them to the next level of maturity
  • You are able to develop Architecture Specification deliverables that map customer business requirements to advanced Bid Data state-of-the-art technologies
  • You are comfortable with customer facing situations where deep technical knowledge of the Big Data products ecosystem and troubleshooting capabilities are required


  • You have a Master degree in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Quantitative Social Sciences or related field
  • You are passionate about data and its added-value to sustainable business improvement and you show a keen interest in business processes, performance and data analytics
  • You are used to communicate and present to senior stakeholders
  • Experience of relational databases and/of database design best practices, with SQL based experience
  • You have application development and ETL experience (database creation, optimization, data feed productionization etc.)
  • You are comfortable with integrating and or enhancing traditional Business Intelligence application architectures with HDFS or NOSQL or other Big Data technologies, handling both semi-structured and unstructured data
  • You have recent experience in development and deployment of predictive modeling (machine learning) by the mean of either Third Parties products or User Defined Functions within Big Data architectures
  • Experience in Financial (Insurance) and/or Utilities sector is considered as an asset;
  • A vendor or industry certification in one of more Big Data related technologies is considered as an asset.


  • HDFS and MapReduce architecures
  • Cloudera, Hortonworks or MapR distributions
  • HBase or Cassandra
  • RDBMS, SQL and NOSQL database
  • NOSQL query languages


Join our winning teams and boost your career, use your talents and move forward!

Next to a working environment that is deeply respectful of your individual progression in skills and competencies as a consultant, CSC offers top-class projects for major clients.

If you feel passionate about delivering results, share our client-intimate culture and want to help contribute to CSC’s success, then CSC is the place for you.