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SAP APO Consultant - CSC


In todays world the supply chains have become more complex, the customers more demanding and the impact of the supply chain on the environment is more important than ever before. As a result a good supply chain planning (from forecasting to detailed scheduling) is essential. That is why the Belgian CSC SAP SCM team is helping leading companies to improve their supply chain planning processes.

In a few years 30% of the global beer volume will be forecasted and planned with processes that our Belgian team has designed. The optimization processes that we have implemented were not completely covered by the standard SAP optimization algorithms, so our team had to design & build several improvements in that area. This optimization did not only drive down costs, but also had a positive environmental impact.

In your daily live you use a lot of products for which the Belgian SAP SCM team has improved the planning processes: cola, whiskey, matrasses, airconditioners, DVD players, car radios, carpets, batteries, ... We have also done amazing planning projects in the defense industry and B2B: the bread and pastries that you eat, the washing powders and the electronics you use all contain components for which we have improved the supply chain. Also the newspaper that you will read in a few minutes is printed thanks to parts for which we have improved the supply chain, not to mention your windows.

Is it your ambition improve supply chains and to guide our customers through the fundamental changes they are facing? Then CSC is waiting for you.

We are still looking for top consultants with a genuine interest in supply chain, with strong analytical skills and a passion for delivering results.


  • Project execution ensuring the project delivery according to the needs of the customer, and throughout all phases of the project (preparation, blue print, technical design, implementation, test and configuration)
  • Assist the sales team in business development and proposal writing.


  • 1-4 years proven experience in APO implementations
  • Overall knowledge of SCM
  • Experience in all phases of an APO project track including design, realisation, testing and go-live for at least 1 APO module, either as an internal project member or a consultant.
  • Experience of other modules through implementation projects or maintenance and support activities is a plus.
  • Understanding of project methodology and approach

Other requirements:

  • Good knowledge of Dutch and English, French is a plus.
  • Assertive attitude and able to manage workshops and process discussions at the customer.
  • Willing to grow and build knowledge/expertise in set domain.
  • Team player with strong communication skills.
  • Intellectual curiosity combined with outstanding analytical skills.
  • Mobility in Belgium is a must. Willingness to work abroad is a plus


Join our winning teams and boost your career, use your talents and move forward!

Next to a working environment that is deeply respectful of your individual progression in skills and competencies as a consultant, CSC offers top-class projects for major clients.

If you feel passionate about delivering results, share our client-intimate culture and want to help contribute to CSC’s success, then CSC is the place for you.