Field Coach B2B - Telenet



As a Field Coach BtB you are responsible for building and improving the business sales skills of employees working in the Telenet Stores (internal sales channel) and Retail Partners (external sales channel). You are (together with the retail account managers) responsible for reaching the sales objectives.


Role :

You assist, motivate and coach shop employees in order to improve their Telenet Business awareness, knowledge and sales skills. Together with the shopmanager/owner, you create a BtB sales strategy and execute it. You set objectives, pro-actively detect training needs and provide tailormade trainings.

You closely track the BtB performance of the POS. You focus on POS that underperform and propose solutions/training to increase performance. You report your findings and progress concisely towards the retail sales manager.

You make sure that the POS has an appealing BtB look and service towards the business customer. You attend BtB events in the POS: you represent Telenet Business, you service clients, prospects and leads.

You are spending 80% of your time in the field. You create your own field visit planning and make sure you cover the coaching needs of our top 30 shop and retail partners. You develop a training/coaching plan and strategy.


Profile :

  • You have a successful track record as a field coach, shop manager or district manager in a retail environment. Experience within a BtB environment is a plus.
  • You are capable of identifying and solving issues within a sales entity.
  • You are capable of coping with resistance from retailers that do not immediately see the added value of investing time in coaching
  • With regard to selling business products, the retail channel is underdevelopped. The field coach BtB plays an crucial role in increasing the competencies of retailers. By doing that, we will increase our volumes in an already important sales channel
  • Obviously you are a real sales talent and know what customers expect within a retail environment
  • You are a people manager (be it in an indirect way): you are assertive, dynamic, trustworthy, an excellent communicator, a motivator and capable of coping with stress
  • You are genuine a team player and have a flexible mindset (in terms of travel and working hours)