IT Linux engineer - Anankei


For our customer in the telecom sector, we are looking for a Linux Expert.

Project environment:

The Cyberdefense program of the Customer


- Linux Expert, who is used to work in enterprise environments ( on average 9000 managed Linux servers )
- he/she should be open and communicate well in English

Daily tasks:

The candidate will work in project mode as Linux engineer in the Cyberdefense program of the Customer on :

- LDAP to RedHat IPA migrations

- Kerberised NFS

- SSH-key management (centralize all pub-keys in IPA and eventually only allow key-
auth via IPA. Audit keys, so rotation can be monitored and enforced)

- Sudo governance ( migrate from linux-team has to approve all sudo-requests for all 8000 hosts, to an application-owner, host-owner approval, self-responsibility and self-service)